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Staff Meeting

Staffing Services

Staff suited for your standards.

We take a systematic approach to finding the right staff for your requirements by analyzing your needs and creating a versatile search strategy. Once we've found the perfect match, we implement the ideal screening system, which consists of both technical and non-technical tests. We also conduct background checks, conduct interviews, and negotiate a salary. Although we match efficient staff to meet your requirements, we do not end our services there; we also ensure to push them to achieve success for your company and their individual goals.

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Permanent Staffing

Hiring permanent employees and integrating them into your task force is a huge commitment, but don't let it get to you.  We are here to assist you in selecting the best matches that are eager to work with you and have virtues of loyalty and hard work. 

  • We provide a specialized consultant that understands your requirements.

  • We source and screen candidates with the help of comprehensive interviews.

  • We select candidates from a vast pool of talent, thereby increasing the probability of finding the perfect choice.

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Temporary Staffing

Numaware Technologies employs temporary staffing solutions to help you assemble your work force without accumulating them full-time, assist overburdened employees during challenging times, and keep projects on the run. We would function similarly to your company's own HR department, minus the hassles and tedium that you would otherwise have to deal with.

  • We manage the staff that we provide.

  • We handle standard contractual procedures.

  • We ensure statutory compliance, the remittance of statutory payments, and other related administration.

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Direct Hire

We offer a staffing service called Direct Hire in which the jobs are often permanent positions with salaries and other benefits. We play the middle man and take control of the recruiting process, but the staff chosen will report directly to the company. The direct hire process comprises an even more thorough screening procedure that is required to ensure suitable candidates are capable of feigning a long-term relationship with the company.

  • With the prospect of a permanent position, we would be able to screen candidates dedicated to long-term employment.

  • We intervene in the hiring processes, such as interviewing and screening, to curtail the time-consuming process, which allows your company to invest its valuable hours in growth.

  • We also ensure that with Direct Hire you can avail affordable Staffing Services since this service does not require contract drafting. 

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Leadership Hiring

Finding a leader who leads your crew is a tiresome affair, but not when you have Numaware Technologies by your side. We conduct meticulous research to match the perfect candidate to esteemed leadership positions. With our many years in the field of providing staffing services, we have amassed sufficient experience that lets us identify the perfect candidate the perfect candidate from the lot.

  • We build and manage long standing relationships with the clients and candidates which accounts for excellent service delivery.

  • We leverage sourcing, networking and technological tools to identify and engage with only the best set of candidates.

  • We take care to select candidates that fit into your company’s culture and leadership style, business requirements and other desired skills.

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HR Consulting

With HR (human resource) consulting, we provide specialist advice and services as a third party to help your company maximize the efficiency of your HR operations and implement appropriate new policies and procedures with the utmost efficacy. We are here to offer an extra pair of eyes that will keep your HR services in check.

  • We address deficits in your HR functioning through assessment and auditing.

  • We extend the proposals intended for implementing new policies.

  • We help influence organizational changes that help in your company’s long run. 

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