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Cloud Computing Technologies

In a span of a few years, Cloud has impacted businesses in a way never before. Many businesses are now using cloud-based hardware and software services to increase productivity and boost their performance.

Cloud computing is at the forefront of innovation, and  Numaware Technologies leverages this trend to provide organizations with solutions that speed up their expansion. 


Numaware Technologies uses the Amazon Web Services Cloud to its best capacity in order to assist businesses and organisations in accomplishing their objectives. Our AWS Cloud Center of Excellence provides the whole spectrum of AWS services, spanning all of the different service lines.

We assist businesses in the following arenas:

  • Helping businesses migrate their mainframe application databases 

  • Aiding them to plan their corporate resource allocations on Amazon Web Services. 

  • Moving your old systems onto the cloud without any disruption. 


We are able to provide easier solutions for your transfer to the cloud by capitalising on the many successful installations of Azure infrastructure. We do our work using automated frameworks, methods that have been audited, and best practices. With the assistance of Microsoft Azure, we will assist you in expanding your company to its full potential. 

Google Cloud

Numaware Technologies provides businesses with specialized solutions that cater to their individual requirements  It enables businesses  to take advantage of Google Cloud Platform for:

  • Developing and hosting applications 

  • Storing and analyzing data 

  • Scaling their infrastructure. 


Numaware Technologies provides the technology of OpenStack, which provides administrators with a greater degree of control over their operations, as a means of controlling large volumes of data to compute, store, and network as well as managing all of this through a dashboard in order to provide a comprehensive view. 

Big Data

We assist you in modernizing the way your company operates by drawing upon the vast store of knowledge contained inside big data. You will get helpful business insights from Numaware Technologies that are generated from Big Data. These insights may be utilized to plan out the future growth path for your company. 


Numaware Technologies prefer Workday which, in contrast to traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, integrates the industry's most effective financial and human resources (HR) tools into a single robust platform. You have the insights and the agility to make the appropriate actions, and you can make them with confidence because you have an intelligent data core that integrates your financial data and your people data in a seamless manner. 


Numaware Technologies utilises and patronises Salesforce, which integrates marketing, sales, commerce, support, and IT teams from anywhere with Customer 360—one integrated CRM platform that drives the whole portfolio of linked applications. Our customers are thereby able to refocus their attention on their staff and the things that are most important to them, such as stabilising their company, reopening, and going back to providing excellent customer experiences.

Numaware Technologies makes use of the many different options that Sales-force has to offer in order to assist businesses in making the transition to the cloud and realizing the benefits that cloud computing can provide.

The following items may be found in our list of Salesforce offerings: 

  • Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud & Community Cloud 

  • Salesforce IQ 

  • Salesforce Quote-to-Cash 


  • Pardot 

  • Chatter 

  • Wave Analytics 

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