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Train and Deploy

Project-ready resources, Guaranteed

You can lead a horse to water,

but you can’t make it drink.



IT Industry suffers from a higher attrition of trained workforce, leading to rising expenses, huge training costs delayed operations. 



Numaware offers Train & Deploy, a project ready, pre-trained workforce, ready for operations quickly. 



  • 100% employee utilization.

  • Reduced hiring expenses.

  • Zero liability over unselected candidates.

Workforce Onboarding Challenges


Campus hiring makes training employees for projects difficult. 

Companies struggle to find resources for ongoing projects. 

Hiring, training, and deploying resources is costly and time-consuming. 

Insufficient resources lead to project delays and escalations. 

Inefficient hiring process affects company growth and efficiency 

It’s time you look for a better Solution!

Why Numaware?

Numaware Technologies offers a comprehensive solution for your hiring, training, and deploying needs. We take responsibility to provide you with dynamic, project-ready resources. Simply provide us with your periodic, competency-specific forecasts and project-related skill requirements, and we'll identify, hire, and train the right talent for you. This way, you'll have project-ready resources ready for deployment at your convenience. 

Numaware offers –  

  • Increased focus on existing priorities for HR & Business groups. 

  • Reduced expenses in the hiring process. 

  • Immediate productivity with no wait time. 

  • No liability for unselected candidates. 

  • Improved utilization rates with an on-demand talent pool. 

  • Convenient mid-term evaluations and correction of in-training candidates 

Train & Deploy Process

At Numaware Technologies, we understand the challenges of finding the right talent for your projects. That's why we've developed a comprehensive solution that takes care of all your hiring, training, and deploying needs. 
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Identifying the future needs and potential of your company.  

We then hunt for the top candidates who possess the skills and qualifications you require.  

Our extensive training program ensures that our candidates are project-ready from day one, with no wait time and zero liability for unselected candidates. 

We pride ourselves on our niche skilling and reskilling capabilities, providing you with a pool of on-demand talent that can be easily deployed at your convenience.  

With our solution, you'll see an increase in productivity and a reduction in expenses throughout the entire hiring process. 

Don't let the challenges of finding the right talent hold your company back. Partner with Numaware Technologies for a more efficient, streamlined approach to hiring and training. 
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