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Application Development

Decrease Downtime and Strengthen Application Reliability.

Failure or downtime of your application can be detrimental to your business, as it can lead to frustrated customers and a negative impact on your bottom line. Numaware Technologies is here to help you avoid these issues by providing development and support services for applications of any size and complexity.

We work closely with you to understand your business needs and offer customized solutions to build a robust application at low cost with reduced risk, increased ROI, and quicker response to industry opportunities.


We’ve successfully built and maintained applications in mission-critical platforms such as Java, Microsoft, and more.

Application Development & Support

We also offer a range of maintenance and support services to maximize efficiency, lower downtime, and facilitate quicker responses for your enterprise. We take the bigger picture of your business into consideration and offer services in areas that need help, ensuring the betterment of your business potential.


Our range of application development and support services includes:

  • Integrated services to address inadequate quality

  • Enhancing code quality, application structure, and efficiency

  • Customized application development to suit your business needs

  • Migration of data from old to new technology

  • End-to-end support for application creation and updation

Application Maintenance

Numaware Technologies offers application maintenance services to optimize efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve response time for your enterprise. We provide customized solutions, taking a holistic approach to understanding your business needs and offer services in areas that require improvement to enhance your business potential and improve application stability, reduce costs and elevate overall quality.


Our range of offerings include:

  • Improving application stability and reducing cost

  • Accelerate program releases and enhancements

  • Employ tool-based reverse engineering for better knowledge

  • Offer complete support for the smooth running of your applications

Midrange Services

At Numaware, we employ our technological solutions to modernize your midrange applications and offerings. Through our exploratory testing and understanding of your application environment, we optimize your systems for better functioning.


Our range of services include:

  • Modernizing user interface

  • Application & data integration

  • Micro-service creation and service externalization

  • Business rule creation

  • Productivity enhancement

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