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JAVA Technologies

Numaware Technologies are adept in offering  secure, scalable, and reliable enterprise-level Java applications using established frameworks and existing standards. We improve client productivity with the help of Java technologies and bring about holistic progress. 

JAVA Applications

Through the development of efficient applications based on Java technology, we assist companies in realizing their visions. 


We assist companies in meeting their business requirements by assisting them in the construction of enterprise-level platforms utilizing the most recent version of Liferay. 


PEGA might be used as an asset in the pursuit of the business objectives you have set for yourself since it offers a methodical strategy for developing and implementing process-oriented applications and rule-based solutions. 

Anjular JS and Node JS

Numaware Technologies will use Google's Angular.js and Node.js to bring your ideas to life, whether you want to develop strong single-page apps or construct scalable network applications with a focus on speed and data volume.

Java Web Services

You will be able to enhance the software interoperability of your organization across many platforms if you make use of the client and server apps developed in Java and offered via Web Services. 

UI Modules

UI Modules might be exploited to your company's advantage in order to effectively assess run time performance, customize settings, have the power to launch and delete events and information, and make instances available. 

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