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Payroll Services

Efficiency Guaranteed

Payroll Outsourcing Services at Numaware

The perfect balance of ease, flexibility, and efficiency. 


Numaware offers exceptional payroll outsourcing services to companies seeking skilled staffing. Our team of experts assist your organization with a wide range of services such as consolidating payroll, processing and managing tax reports, filing ITR, and ensuring compliance with all statutory requirements. 

Payroll Solutions offered by Numaware. 

Our payroll services at Numaware are designed to improve the overall advancement of your business. Our philosophy of honesty in our work and transparency with clients allows us to provide customized services that increase productivity and ultimately drive profitability.

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Our exclusive offerings

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Time & Attendance 

With Numaware, keeping track of your employees' work schedule is made easy. We provide close monitoring of attendance, leave, vacation, sick days, punctuality and work patterns to give you a deeper understanding of your employees' work habits. This information enables you to make informed decisions that boost productivity and improve the overall performance of your company. Additionally, our monitoring system makes managing salary payouts seamless and hassle-free. 


Resource Management 

With Numaware, managing your workforce is made easy. Our automated system streamlines the process of resource management, providing you with instant and accurate solutions for managing your manpower and finances with just a click. Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually managing your resources. 


Tax Services 

With Numaware, managing tax deductions for your employees is made simple and stress-free. Our smart IT tool calculates all necessary tax deductions before payouts, ensuring compliance and eliminating any potential headaches for your organization. 

Why Numaware?

Reasons to Choose Numaware for Payroll Outsourcing: 
  • Accurate and prompt financial record administration 
  • Efficient management of employee salaries and bonuses/deductions 
  • Handling of tax reports and filing of ITR 
  • Compliance with statutory services 
  • Insightful decision-making support for your business 
  • Advanced technology for accurate payroll system 
  • Time and cost-effective management solutions 
  • Tailored services to meet unique client requirements 
  • Administration of a company's financial records 

  • Managing employee salaries, bonuses, and deductions 

  • Managing tax reports and filing ITR 

  • Taking care of statutory compliance services 

  • Providing guidance to make informed business decisions 

  • Utilizing a 100% accurate payroll system with cutting edge technology 

  • Efficient and cost-effective time and cost management 

  • Tailored and flexible services to meet the unique needs of our clients 


We align ourselves with our clients' values and principles 

At Numaware, we understand the importance of proper payroll management and its impact on employee morale and the overall functioning of the organization.


Our team of experts has years of experience in handling payroll management and offers highly accurate solutions. Our services include: 

Process of setting up a payroll management system

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In order to properly manage your payroll, we require certain information from your company, such as your PAN, TAN, and registration for PF and ESI. 

Once that information is provided, you can set a schedule for salary payments, such as releasing them on the 10th of every month.

You will also need to input employee information and classify them into categories such as full-time, part-time, etc. 

Finally, include any company rules regarding deductions from salary. 

With this information, our team will handle all aspects of your payroll management 

We commit to offer

  • One click payroll process 

  • Organizational strategy & planning 

  • Daily productivity dashboard 

  • Flexibility & ease of operations 

  • Data Privacy & confidentiality

  • Ease of Access 

  • Efficient per seat payroll costing solutions 

  • Direct deposit solutions for Tax Deductions & payments 

  • Intelligent MIS systems 

  • Smooth & reliable compliance adherence 

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