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Business Consultation

MSP / VMS Services

Customer satisfaction guaranteed, every time.

An MSP, or Managed Service Provider, is a third-party company that handles day-to-day management tasks for its customers. 

Why MSP?

Unleash your potential and delegate your IT worries to an MSP, who will manage your infrastructure 24/7, freeing up your time for more important projects. 

How does MSP work? 

Elevate your staffing game with an MSP's contingent workforce program, where collaboration is key. An MSP will handle temporary, freelance, independent contractor, and payroll employees with ease, working seamlessly as a team with their clients." 

VMS Services

VMS systems, software platforms that enable MSPs to manage their clients' temp worker programs, can be owned by the MSP or by the client. The choice of whether to use an MSP-owned or client-owned VMS system is based on the client's preferences and the features of the software. While MSPs are chosen for their services, VMS systems are chosen for their specific software capabilities. 

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Why choose MSP/VMS? 

With the support of a reliable MSP and a sophisticated VMS, recruitment and staffing tasks will take up less of your time. The MSP will receive your staffing requirements through the VMS and route them to the appropriate agencies. Not only will the VMS improve communication and understanding, but it will also provide you with metrics to evaluate your hiring plan. 

Why are VMS critical? 

A VMS can be a valuable tool for managing labor costs, increasing productivity and efficiency. It can also provide the transparency required by HR and Procurement departments, allowing them to ensure that the company is engaging qualified external talent with the necessary certifications. 

How VMS works? 

VMS systems, software platforms that empower MSPs to manage temp worker programs for their clients, can be owned by the MSP or the client. The selection of an MSP-owned or client-owned VMS system depends on the client's preferences and the software's features. While MSPs are selected for their services, VMS systems are chosen for their unique software capabilities. 

Why choose MSP/VSM with Numaware? 


Expert Team 

Our team of professionals and experts understand your unique needs and demands and offer customized solutions. 


Cost Efficient

With our customized solutions, budgets are never a deal breaker. Don’t compromise for Quality. 


Exceptional Outcomes 

With our MSP and VMS services, you can expect outstanding results and complete satisfaction, every time 

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